Sacred Ritual Intensives October 2017

Spiritual Mentoring

  • Bring mindfulness and awareness to your relationships, including parenting your children, connecting more deeply to your partner, reparenting yourself/healing your relationships within your family of origin, relating more skillfully with friends and colleagues
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and stories
  • Create more authenticity and aliveness in your life
  • Experience new tools to help ground and expand your life skills.

I offer both short and long-term focused sessions. I provide a sounding board to help you grow and to deepen your compassion and relationship skills while nurturing mindfulness. Suitable for individual work, as well as for parenting, partnering, or friendship and extended family connections and repair.

Healing, in a gentle, mindfulness-based way, is possible. Our work together provides insight so that your soul’s path may emerge, strengths are nurtured, struggles are acknowledged, habits can shift, and we can grow in confidence, compassion, and joy.

Compassionate Nurturing offers:

In-home or Office Visits

Healing Rituals

Phone Consultations

E-mail support

Please fill out a Contact Form to schedule a free 20 minute introductory conversation to learn more. Sliding Scale fee available. Partners/Spouses included, if you wish.