About Tracy Rich

I am a spiritual mentor, with over thirty years of experience working with individuals and families. I draw on my extensive studies and practice of Buddhism, mindfulness, yoga, Judaism, and other mystical traditions to listen to, guide, and nurture individuals, couples, and groups seeking to grow and to heal.

My goal is to help create a safe environment so all people can heal – gently noticing where you are ready to let go of old habits, stories, and beliefs and create a more mindful and enthusiastic life path. I have an optimistic and expansive view of life and listen to each individual’s story with an open mind and non-judgmental attitude.

Our work seeks to identify, move towards, and integrate your soul’s purpose into your life experience.

If you are a parent, I aim to help you feel more positive about the amazing and challenging job of parenting and to deepen your ability to respond to your children’s unique qualities and needs.

I am currently a Visiting Mom and Visiting Mom Supervisor with the Center for Early Relationship Support/JF&CS. I worked for ten years as a daycare provider and postpartum doula, have two daughters (ages 22 and 27) and have worked extensively with new and experienced parents helping to articulate both practical and philosophical parenting tips. I have a background in homeschooling, adoption, and child development.

For more information, please contact me via the Contact Page

I look forward to meeting you!

Most Recent Development/Education Courses

Mindfulness/Spiritual Growth

Center for Sacred Studies:http://centerforsacredstudies.org/ Minister of Walking Prayer program. Estimated date of ordination: April 2018

Clearly Knowing Half-day Retreat with Larry Rosenberg, October, 2016

Yoga and the Chakras: The Art of Alignment with Rebecca Davis, July 2016

Breath Awareness for Your Whole Life with Jim Austin, July 2016

Kol Zimra: Chant and Meditation Leaders’ Training with Rabbi Shefa Gold, graduated November 2014

Coming to Our Senses: A Day of Momentary (and hopefully Momentous) Adventures, Conversation and Inquiry with Jon Kabat-Zinn, September 2012

Devotional Healing, with Rabbi Shefa Gold, HebrewChant Boston, April 2011

Cultivating Friendship For Ourselves, a Meditation Retreat with Kim Weeber, April  2011

Mindfulness – The Path to Realization with Joseph Goldstein, Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, December 2010

Be Peace, Be Joy, Be Hope Mindfulness Seminar, Thich Nath Hanh, Easton, MA, August 2009 (Five Day Silent Retreat)

Parenting/Family Nurturing

Fussy Baby Network Level II Training, March 2016

Fussy Baby Network Level I Training, December 2013

Children’s Trust View from all Sides Conference: Multidsciplinary Perspectives on Parenting Education and Family Support, (Understanding of Culture in Working with Families & Family Coaching) November 2013

Advanced Training on Postpartum Depression/Anxiety: Visiting Moms Program, Center for Early Relationship Support, October, 2013

Boston Fathers & Family Network Nurturing Fathers Program, March 2012

Advanced Training with Karin Lindfor, Fragile Beginnings Coordinator at Center for Early Relationship Support/JF&CS: Special Needs of Preemies, February 2012

Maternal Mental Health: Infant/Parent Training Institute, JF&CS, Spring 2010




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