Suggested Resources

If there were one spiritual path or one way to raise our children, there would be one book…however each of us brings our unique strengths and questions to this process of living! Sometimes just the right book can help us feel grounded and point us in a helpful direction. Here are some of my favorites:

  • Becoming the Parent You Want to Be, Laura Davis and Janis Keyser
  • The Blessing of a Skinned Knee, by Wendy Mogel
  • Everyday Blessings: The Inner Work of Mindful Parenting, Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn
  • Healing Through the Dark Emotions: The Wisdom of Grief, Fear, and Despair, Miriam Greenspan
  • Kids, Parents, and Power Struggles, by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka
  • The Last Best Cure: My Quest to Awaken the Healing Parts of My Brain and Get Back My Body, My Joy, and My Life, by Donna Jackson Nakazawa
  • Parenting from the Inside Out, Daniel Siegel and Mary Hartzell
  • Peace is Every Step, Thich Nhat Hanh
  • Positive Discipline, Jane Nelson
  • Raising Children Compassionately, Marshall Rosenberg
  • Start Where You Are, Pema Chodron

Additional Resources


Yoga Therapy:

Alex Bauermeister:

Karuna O’Donnell:

Parenting Services:

Birth and Postpartum:

Early Relationship Support: Center for Early Relationship Support, JF&CS;

Parent Advocate for children with learning disabilities: Parent Advocate